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Abhiyan's Vision

2Abhiyan Nepal envisioning accountable and credible society & people having potential life skills for sustainable income source through the proper management of local natural resources and, are living in sound healthy environment

Abhiyan's Mission

nepalAbhiyan Nepal adopts systematic approaches and solutions that allow people to be more accountable and responsible for the benefit of the natural resources to uplift dignified living and be healthy with the adequate transferred knowledge, skills and technologies.


  • To implement development programmes to improve the socio-economic status of the poor, oppressed, and vulnerable groups in the communities through agro-vet and skilled based entrepreneurship
  • Conduct action-oriented research on environmental issues and natural resource management to utilize the learnings within its development programmes and campaigns.
  • Carry out public-oriented health, sanitation, nutrition and educational training on contemporary issues for improving social awareness.

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Abhiyan Timeline

बाढी प्रभावित समुदायको लागि शौचालय निर्माण सामाग्री खरिद सम्बन्धि दरभाउ पत्र आह्वान

अभियान नेपाल अर्जुनधारा नगरपालिका–३, झापा बाढी प्रभावित समुदायको लागि शौचालय निर्माण सामाग्री खरिद सम्बन्धि दरभाउ पत्र आह्वानका लागि कार्यादेश (TOILET CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS Specification/TOR) कारितास इन्टरनेशनालिस र कारितास नेपालको सहयोगमा यस अभियान नेपाल, झापाद्धारा सञ्चालिन बाढी प्रभावितहरुको लागि प्रतिकार्य तथा शीघ्र…

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