Executive Board Members

Name : Mr. Prem Bahadur Giri
Address : Arjundhara-3, Jhapa
Email :  premgiri@abhiyannepal.org.np
  : Responsibility of Overall management of the organization including programs and administration in line with achieving the overall goals of the organization. Taking decisions on key organizational issues and monitoring the overall programs and functions of Abhiyan Nepal, He is the focal person for communicating with other partner organizations. Keeping system maintenances of the financial and administrative rules, coordinate and monitor policy and related partnership, establish and sustain effective network linkage and relation with other NGOs and INGOs.
Name : Mr. Hem Bahadur Khatri
Address : Arjundhara-3, Jhapa
Email : khem@abhiyannepal.org.np
  : Responsibility of special organization support to the chairperson. Make presence and complete that overall tasks in absence of the chairperson, coordinating women groups and their activities, providing all relevant information and being involved in specific activities.
Name : Mr. Min Prasad Niraula
Address : Arjundhara-6, Jhapa
Email :  
  : Responsibility of  keeping record of the regular meetings of the organization. Call meeting, forwarding agenda, making frequent communication with the chairperson, coordinating other members of the organization, scheduling the program and visiting of different people inside and outside of organization
Name : Mrs. Sirjana Magar Khewang
Address : Arjundhara-2, Jhapa
Email :  
  : Responsibility  of special organization support to the secretary, complete all the tasks in absence of the secretary. Monitoring and providing relevant information in executive board. maintain effective coordination and collaboration with team leaders
Name : Mrs. Shanta Luitel
Address : Arjundhara-3, Jhapa
Email :  
  : Responsibility of overall financial administration of the organization. Keeping records of all financial transactions, cooperate other members regarding the finance.
Name : Mr. Surya Pratap Nembang
Address : Arjundhara-3, Jhapa
Email :  
  : Responsibility of media, publication, public relations, strengthen the local communication, youth mobilization, education, training, and documentation of organization profile, makes effective network linkage and relation with program coordinators and other staffs regarding the overall activities of the organization.
Name : Mr. Prasad Kumar Guragain
Address : Arjundhara-3, Jhapa
Email :  
  : Responsibility of women group formation, sensitization activity and women’s empowerment in the community, undertake tasks related to team building with different sub committees. Supporting role of coordinating group interaction with the organization
Name : Mr. Prem Raj Gautam
Address : Arjundhara-2, Jhapa
Email :  
  : Responsibility of cooperating the team of fundraising and communication, the linkage with government line agencies and partners and NGOs, sharing information and community empowerment through health education and social awareness.
Name : Mrs. …………………………. (Vacant)
Address :  
Email :  
  : Responsibility of cooperating the team, staff and community groups, women sensitizing, frequent communication with other staff and members of the organization and prepare activities report of the organization.

Message from Chairperson

Abhiyan Nepal, established in 2001 in the eastern development region, a non-governmental and non-profit making organization was centrally located in the outreach place of Jhapa district. With in the short period of time, it has carried out the illustrative results in the practice of sustainable community development, environmental protection, education and capacity building of rural women, janajati, dalit, and marginalized people. More than 6000 women of Arjundhara Municipality have benefited from different programs who had severe poverty, poor health, ignorance, and dominant, deprived from nutrition and suffered from domestic violence and outreach form the participation in making policy in the community development. Abhiyan Nepal had started its first project Khudunabari Community Development Project in 2007 with the partnership Heifer International Nepal. Before the terminating date of the project it was awarded a gift program after evaluating the outstanding results of previous program and got Abhiyan Community Development Project in 2010 which is currently running. Both programs have contributed on the sustainable development of the community through gender equality, capacity building through education and training, community empowerment and participatory approach in the development. Women who used to sell firewood from jungle, sell banana in the local market, worked in the low daily wage, were unknown about their existence in making rules and law, suffered from domestic violence, had no good relationship at home, unaware about the sanitation and environment, have transformed their live to U turn after the project  installation. Impact of the programs can be observed among women targeted by the programs through the positive behavioral changes, increased living standard, gender balance on sharing and caring, main-streaming in the policy making in the local level, environmental protection by cultivating plants, improved livestock management, household garbage management and sustainability by passing on the gift for the new sister groups. Abhiyan Nepal also has contributing for overall environment protection, land erosion through the project Enterprises for Eco-friendly and sustainable Housing in Nepal. After formation of Bhorleni Bamboo User Group, Khudunabari-6, Jhapa in the initiation of Abhiyan Nepal, it has planted 10 thousand bamboo plants in 22 hectares in 2005 which is now in the production stage. 70 households have directly benefited from this project. It could have saved the land erosion and deforestation. Target groups not only contributing for the environment protection but also they have found the sustainable resource for economic growth with eco-friendly building materials from this project. After inspired from the project, Abhiyan Nepal is implementing different projects of Bamboo Cultivation continuously in different years. In 2009 it could plant 4000 Bamboos in the riverside of Tangting and other bared land and similarly in 2011 it could have succeeded to cultivate 15000 bamboo plants in 30 hectares in riverside and bared lands to protect the environment and land erosion of riverside of cultivating crops land of farmers through the bio-engeneering technology. All above mentioned activities have praised Abhiyan Nepal for the integrated development approach for overall welfare of humanity in the local level and globally.

Thanking you

Executive Chairperson

Abhiyan Nepal