Welcome to Abhiyan Nepal

logo2Abhiyan Nepal is an organization working in the people’s empowerment and building model community through integrated programs. Social mobilization and people’s participation in community building is the essential and core part of any national development. Good health, life skills oriented practical education and training, progressive economic growth, ultimate social relationship, cooperation are the key concern of ABHIYAN NEPAL. Identifying the natural resources, sources of information and building strong spirit for community development are our building blocks for human empowerment. People of the developing country like Nepal are still waiting for the new changes in their life. They are still following the traditional methods to run their living. It focuses on the primary concerns of people’s daily life and their needs. Initially it has been working in some VDCs of Jhapa and Ilam Districts of Nepal we have the vision to spread its network to nationwide.

Legal Status and Affiliation

Government of Nepal DAO Jhapa Regd No: 928/2059

Social Welfare Council Affiliation: 16/2062

NGO Federation Membership No. 72

DDC Development Desk: 39/059/60

Membership: National Campaign for Education


  1. AI Mission Program. Government of Nepal
  2. Abhiyan Community Learning Center
  3. Fodder and Forage Production and Promotion Center