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Khudunabari VDC Profile and PVDP

Goal and Objectives

The Village Profiles and Periodic VDP prepared through this assignment will contribute to the Goal of establishing sustainable development planning system intended for prosperous standard of living in the community as well as a contribute achieving the district and national development goals through achieving following immediate objectives:

  • Village Profiles of Khudunabari Village Development will be papered as per guideline and the Local Self-Governance Act 1999.
  • Result based Periodical Village Development Plans in accordance with the periodic plan preparation guidelines practiced by local government of the VDC prepared and developed

 Deliverables and Milestones 

PAG Nepal is responsible for the following deliverables and milestones (reports and documents) and agree to submit them by due dates accordingly.

  • VDC comprehensive detail profile
  • VDC periodical Plan
  • Assignment Completion Report

Khudunabari VDC Profile and PVDP

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